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Why they work so well!

Most people don’t know that a home’s attic can reach temperatures of up to 150 ºF during summer. And a hot attic above, creates a hot house below!

Because your thermostat reads only ambient air temperature, you can never really tell how hot the thermal mass is in your home. The 2x4’s, drywall, insulation all heat up like an oven and slowly cool down only after the air temperature drops..

Here is an actual thermal image of a home on a relatively cool day. You can see all of the heat is trapped up in the attic.

This is the main reason your A/C cycles on and off all summer long and into the evenings even after the sun has set which drives up your electric bill. QuietCool whole house fans remove the heat from mass, whereas air conditioning removes heat from the ambient air only.

QuietCool is the perfect companion to your A/C because it will help you use it less, you will save money through lower electricity bills, and your a/c will last longer and run more efficiently.

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