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Do Whole house fans really work?

This FAQ will answer most questions we receive about the effectiveness of whole house fans. 

Home cooling

Whole house fans cool your entire home naturally . Certain rooms can be cooled before others if desired. 


Whole house fans cost only a fraction of what it costs to run your central AC. Save money on your cooling bills this summer! 

Eco friendly

Whole house fans use cool natural air rather than stale recycled air from a central hvac system. 

Attic cooling

Whole house fans not only cool your home naturally and affordably they also cool your attic at the same time. 


Energy SavingS 

The average home AC uses about 3500 watts of electricity. This means it will cost you around $20/day to run your AC during a typical summer day/evening. 

Compare that to a QuietCool whole house fan that uses on average 500 watts of power which will only cost you around $7 to run for 8 hours.


Return on investment

QuietCool Whole House Fans have the quickest return on investment for any green product on the market. Average annual net savings are around $1,200-1,500 which means a QuietCool will pay for itself in under two years on average. 


Additional savings

I'll tell you a secret. HVAC contractors have the highest markup in the business. This means that when you save wear an tear on your expensive central AC system you are saving even more on potential maintenance and repairs by using it less with a Quietcool whole house fan. 

Show me the money!