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As a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor we offer a complete whole house fan installation service that covers all trades necessary to get your installation done.

We can get fans installed when other installers cant.

We are the only properly licensed full service whole house fan installer in the Temecula Valley. 


Every whole house fan installation needs to have a good electrician in charge. Bringing power down the wall to a switch with zero drywall repair is an art. Finding the nearest suitable power supply also takes electrical expertise. We have over 20 years of electrical expertise we bring to every installation. 


Some electricians don't know how to paint. The truth is they don't want to bother. We would never leave a job half completed due to laziness. We will touch up the ceiling and wall paint when applicable everytime. We can color match and or paint complete wall and ceiling sections to ensure your home looks exactly the way it did before installation. 


Sometimes the location of your whole house fan and the ceiling framing want to be in the exact same location. We have the expertise to modify the ceiling joists to ensure we can install your fan in the exact place you want it! You need a good framer who understands the structural demands of framing.


All of our whole house fans have a 15 year warranty and they are virtually maintenance free. In the event you ever need any service or maintenance on your whole house fan we know them inside and out and can fix any problem you may have with your system. We service the fan head, motor, ducting, grill, timer switches, speed controls or any installation issues that can arise. 


Drywall is another trade that most electricians can't be bothered with. They don't mind making holes but patching them is another story. We always try and avoid cutting holes to save money and time but when drywall holes are needed we have the expertise to match your texture perfectly! Everytime! 

People love us on Yelp! My brother and I own and operate this business which means that you will always get expert service and attention that only an owner can offer. Our competition doesn't mind sending a minimum wage newbie into your home. We will never do that. It also allows us to offer better pricing along with higher quality service

Our service locations


Temecula, Ca

Our primary service area

We love staying local so that we can offer our clients the best pricing, service and be home in time to see the kiddos!



We also like Murrieta

We also service Murrieta, Ca as its our sister city! The closer we stay to home the lower the prices stay! 



Our yard is in Fallbrook.

We also operate our general contracting business out of Rainbow, Ca which is on the pot of gold side of Fallbrook. 

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