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Tired of high electric bills?

High temperatures and high electric bills are here now that the summer heat is here.


Most people don’t realize they are wasting money every single day during the summer.

Quiet cool whole house fans are proven to lower your electric bills by drawing in the cool air from outside with the flick of a switch for pennies on the dollar compared to running your expensive central air-conditioning.


How can you lower your electric bills this summer?


There are three primary ways a quiet cool whole house fan can cut your electric bill.

1.Pre-cooling your home

During the summer months there is almost always cool air outside every morning that you can pull into your home with a whole house fan to pre-cool your home for the day. This lowers the start up stress that is put on your central air conditioning and allows it to start cooling at a lower temperature at a later point each day. You can then adjust your thermostat to start a few hours later then normal which will save hundreds of dollars annually.


2. Evening cooling

Every evening when it cools down outside and the temperature in your home is higher than the temperature outside you can simply turn off your central air conditioner and turn on your whole house fan which will pull in all the cool clean natural fresh air from outside into your living spaces, bedrooms and through your attic eliminating your need to run your AC into the evenings. This is where you will see the biggest savings on your electric bill with a whole house fan.


3.Attic cooling

Cooling your attic is extremely important.

Your attic is the hottest space in your home. Sometimes your attic will reach temperatures of 150°F. This trapped heat is like a giant oven that continues to radiate down into your bedrooms through the evening long after the sun has set and the outside temperature has dropped to comfortable levels. This is one of the primary reasons a quiet cool whole house fan is so effective. Your central air conditioning does nothing to cool your attic space and as a matter of fact it actually has to fight against this thermal mass heat effect that is trapped in your attic. This heat wants to bleed down into your house. This high attic temperature makes your AC work harder and longer every single night. A whole house fan with the flip of a switch can simultaneously cool down your home and your attic space.


How are quiet cool whole house fans so efficient?

Quiet cool whole house fans are a very simple system with very efficient motors. A central air-conditioning system has hundreds of complex parts that require a lot more energy. A whole house fan moves the same amount of air as your central HVAC system or more and it does it with less expense due to the simple yet powerful design.


What are power companies saying about whole house fans?


“Whole house cooling using a Whole House Fan can substitute for an air conditioner most of the year in most climates”

- U.S. Depart. of Energy


“The Whole House Fan is the single most effective tool to reduce your energy bill.”

- Pacific Gas & Electric Company


“Whole House Fans are the number one energy-saving device available”

- So. Cal. Edison

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