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Why are QuietCool Whole House Fans so Popular in Temecula?

There are several reasons why QuietCool whole house fans are so popular in Temecula, CA:

QC MFG was founded here in Temecula, Ca.

1. The climate - Temecula has a hot, dry climate for most of the year with major temperature swings every night. Whole house fans provide an effective and inexpensive way to cool homes by pulling in cooler nighttime and early morning air through the house. Most days we get a 20-30 degree temperature differential between the day and the night. Attics can hit 160+ degrees in the summertime and once an attic space, insulation, ducting, studs, drywall and the air hits that temperature it all acts like a giant oven sitting on top of your house ALL night radiating heat back down into the bedrooms..

2. Energy efficiency - Whole house fans use small more energy efficient motors and passive venting for air flow rather than large expensive mechanical cooling like air conditioners. This means they are very energy efficient and cost effective to run. They also coll your attic and your living spaces at the same time vs a central AC.

3. Noise - QuietCool Whole house fans are much quieter than traditional belt driven WHF's.

4. Simple design - Whole house fans have a simple design with few moving parts, meaning they last forever adn require zero matainance. This appeals to many homeowners because the cost of ownership is a one time fee which pays for itself in 1-2 summer seasons.

5. Popularity - Once you install a whole house fan and get a "Breeze on a switch", you see how effective they are to cool your home you'll see why they are so popular in Temecula, Ca.

So in summary, the hot climate, energy efficiency, noise levels, simple design and popularity through word of mouth all contribute to making whole house fans an attractive option for cooling homes in Temecula and similar regions with comparable climates. The fans provide an affordable, effective alternative to air conditioners that many homeowners prefer.

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