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Trident 5.5 Quietcool WHF

The Trident 5.5 whole house fan is a popular choice for cooling homes efficiently and economically. This constant air circulation helps keep the temperature in your home even and comfortable.

Some key features of the Trident 5.5 whole house fan:

• Powerful two-speed motor. The Trident 5.5 has a heavy-duty motor that provides up to 5,500 CFM of airflow, making it suitable for homes up to 3,000 square feet. The 2-speed settings give you control over the amount of air circulation.

• Quiet operation. The Trident 5.5's aerodynamic housing and balanced blades help reduce noise, making it one of the quietest whole house fans available.

• Built-in backdraft damper. The integrated backdraft damper prevents cold air from entering your home during thre winter when the fan is off.

• 15 Year MFG. warranty. The manufacturer backs the Trident 5.5 with 15 year warranty, covering defects in materials.

The Trident 5.5 whole house fan is a high-quality option for cooling your home naturally and cost-effectively. Its powerful motor, quiet operation, and durable design make it a popular choice among homeowners looking for a whole house fan.

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