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WIRELESS RF CONTROL KIT The above image is the RF module that is used to control your fan in the attic. The remote is easily mounted on your wall, or carried around in the house; whatever suits your needs!


Will my neighbor be able to control my fan if they have the same set up as me?

They will not because you need to physically activate the pairing process between the RF Switch and the RF Hub.

What is the range?

The RF Switch and RF Hub have a range restriction of 100ft.

What happens if I lose the RF Switch?

If you lose or damage an RF Switch you will need to purchase another and re-pair the new one to the RF Hub.

Can you control multiple fans with a single switch?

No. You can only control one RF Hub per switch.

How long do the batteries last?

One year.

Why are all my lights solid on the hub and nothing is working?

If you’re experiencing solid lights on the hub then it is an indication that your DIP switches are not in the correct position. Disconnect power, adjust your DIP switches, and the only light that should be lit is your RED power light.

Why is there a medium speed if my fan is only a two speed?

The RF Hub and RF Switch are universal to all QuietCool models. There are some units that feature three speeds which use the medium on the switch. As long as your DIP switch is set correctly in the hub, the switch will automatically skip over medium speed.

How do I change the DIP switch to the correct speed of my fan?

You will need to disconnect power, make your adjustment inside the hub, and then reconnect power.

Can you connect the RF Control to a smart home system like Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit?

No, in the current configuration the RF Control cannot connect to a smart home system. There are systems on the market that take RF signal and translate them to a smart home system, but they have not been tested and may not work reliably.

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