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Replacing The Motor

The motor was a challenge to replace but it wasn't the full extent of the job. The biggest challenge we faced was the hardwired switch that wasn't properly connected with the fan. The fan would kick into low / high but would not work on medium.

We took apart the switch leg and exposed the wiring to see if there was anything obvious we missed. Take a look at the diagram below...

All of our wiring was correct. We were completely stumped over what the problem was. We even went back into the attic and took apart the junction box on the fan to see if we missed anything there.

After a good 20 minutes of head scratching we starting loosening the terminal points on the switch leg, where we noticed the fan kick on momentarily and then back off. Our last resort was to then swap out the switch leg with a different one, where at last the problem was fixed.

It's days like this where you just have to shrug it off, since how on earth do you predict a manufacturer flaw on a brand new switch leg?

Watch our time lapses below...

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