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Quietcool Whole House Fans

I am constantly talking to people about the benefits of a quiet cool whole house fan.

Some clients save anywhere from 50 to 90% off of their cooling bills year after year when they run their whole house fan instead of their central AC. As you can see from the info graphic below your traditional AC cost approx. 2 to 3 dollars per hour to run Vs a Quiet Cool Whole house fan which only cost about $.10 per hour to run!

“A financial no-brainer where I live due to high energy costs, reliably cool nights“
“Electricity bill are down about 30-35% over the past 3 months and home is cool to cold at night.
“I've saved over $2000 in cooling costs.”

People who have never had a whole house fan before always wonder if they are worth the investment. Quiet Cool Whole house fans have one of the quickest return on investments out of any green energy product on the market today.

“The Whole House Fan is the single most effective tool to reduce your energy bill” - Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Whole House Fans are the number one energy-saving device available - So Cal Edison

Whole house cooling using a Whole House Fan can substitute for an air conditioner most of the year in most climates - U.S. Depart. of Energy

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