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Quick Overview — QuietCool

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Replace the stale air in your house up to 20 times an hour with the QuietCool Whole House Fan. Eliminate odors and pollutants in the air while simultaneously cooling it, and all while saving you 50 - 90% on your AC bill.


Early models of the Whole House Fan were loud enough to be a bother. QuietCool is designed with a motorhead, duct, and damperbox to work together to almost eliminate noise completely.


Because of its simple design, the QuietCool WHF requires little to no maintenance once installed. Our job is to make sure that happens, as we do not like callbacks.


Thermal mass cooling is an essential principle to how QuietCool Whole House Fans work.

Here's an example. When someone comes home from work they enter a house where it could be upwards of 90゚. Do they immediately turn on the air conditioner? Not with QuietCool. Using a traditional AC system alone would take too much time while being incredibly expensive. With QuietCool, a home owner only has to open a few windows and turn on a switch to activate a breeze that immediately starts circulating the air.

With thermal mass cooling, a home does not reheat as quickly as a hot thermal mass home. Within a day or two of installing a fan, homeowners are amazed as to how their house could be so cool on a hot 90゚day.

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