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Installtion location for your WHF.

When it comes to Installing a QuietCool system in a home, location is very important. Improper location can negatively affect the performance of the fan and the homeowner’s experience with the system. When QuietCool systems are installed in the correct locations, maximum airflow and whole house ventilation is achieved, making the system efficient and allowing the homeowner to enjoy the system to its fullest.

There are two different installation locations we are going to look at: selecting a central location for a main system and another location for a bedroom system.

When looking to select a centrally located spot, you will want to look at the ceiling for a good wide open area that is not next to a smoke detector or light and is away from any HVAC ducting.

The best spot to install a fan is at the top of the stairs, in a two story home, or in the central hallway of a single story home. Either floor plan will provide a good central location that will allow the QuietCool system to pull air from all areas of the house. The goal is to “strategically” open windows that will allow the fan to pull the breeze across the widest possible living space.

In a bedroom, install the fan just in front of the door or inside the master bathroom itself. The reason is, that will allow the breeze coming in through the open window to go all the way across the bedroom and maximizing the bedroom cooling experience for the homeowner.

Once you’ve selected the exact locations you wish to install your QuietCool fan, or fans, go up into the attic to make sure there is nothing in the way of the area you want to install the fan. Now, you’re ready to start the QuietCool installation.

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