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Indoor Air Quality

Whole house fans work great to improve the indoor air quality of a home by exhausting and ventilating the hot, stuffy, and polluted air in the home. However, a common objection we hear from our customers is that they don’t like opening windows due to dust, allergens, and pollutants in the air. Even though, according to the American Lung Association, the air inside the home is up to 2-5 times more polluted than the outdoor air, people still object to opening their windows.

Due to the amount of air a whole house fan moves when properly sized to the home, dust does not have any time to settle in the home! Most customers, even in the dustiest of area, do not notice a big increase in the amount of dust in the home.

The fan is taking any allergens that may be inside the home and exhausting it into the attic and out the attic vents as well. In fact, the allergens inside the home can be much worse than the allergens outside of the home. We have some customers who have very bad allergies state that their allergies almost went away after installing the QuietCool!

For customers that are still concerned with bringing in dust or allergens, we have a new product to help. We have partnered with PollenTec, a manufacturer of window screens that block 99.9% of dust and allergens from entering the home. The screens are very simple to install, simply replace the standard screens already installed in the home and replace it just like you would a normal screen. They use a special nylon material that is more tightly woven, thus blocking dust and allergens from even entering the home. Also, since QuietCool only requires a few windows to be open homeowners do not need to replace every screen in the home! The screens will also help tint the windows much better keep your home cooler.

Here is a great short video from the manufacturer on indoor air quality and QC Whole house fans.

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