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Here are a few homeowner tips to get the most out of the QuietCool whole house fan system.

Since QuietCool is used primarily as an alternative to A/C, homeowners will most likely use their system in the spring, summer and fall months when the outside temperature has cooled down, yet the home remains hot. Instead of A/C, open a few windows, activate the “breeze on a switch,” and bring that fresh cool air inside.

First, know when to use the system. We recommend only running the fan when it is cooler outside. This means the early morning, evening, and night hours during spring, summer, and fall. You never want to run the system when it is warmer outside, unless you want to warm and ventilate your home in the colder months of the year.

When operating the system, be sure to open only a few select windows, 4-6 inches each. This will greatly improve the cooling breeze that you feel. Be sure to open windows far enough away from the QuietCool ceiling grille in the room you are cooling so you will be between the fan and windows. This way, the air will be drawn across the room, cooling it in its entirety.

We also recommend that you leave your fans on throughout the night, down to your lowest comfort level, in order to maximize the thermal mass cooling effect that will keep the home cooler throughout the next day.

Then, to help retain the cool mass effect when the next day starts to warm up, close your windows, shades, and blinds to prevent the sun from heating up the home as quickly.

If you stick to these simple fundamentals, the QuietCool system will work great to maintain a cool mass home and significantly reduce A/C related electricity costs.

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