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High heat — high electric bills — Not with a QC!

Want to save some money on your cooling bills this summer? Run your air conditioner less with a quiet cool whole house fan. This summer can be the first time your electric bill will go down instead of going up!

If your running your expensive central air conditioning into the evening than you are wasting money every single day. The only way you can cool your home without that expense is with a whole house fan. Many people don’t realize that a whole house fan can cool their home every single evening with fresh outside air naturally.

It is simple to lower your electric bill by shutting off your AC and turning on your whole house fan when it’s cooler outside and you want to draw in cool air. During the summer months early in the morning there is almost always cool air that you can draw into your home to pre-cool you’re home for the hot summer day. Then when you get home and your house is stiflingly hot you only have to run your air conditioner for a few hours until it cools off outside when you can use your whole house fan again to draw in all the cool evening air into your home and it will cool your attic simultaneously.

One of the reasons why a central air conditioner has to work so hard is that your attic is the hottest part of your home and your AC does nothing to cool that area down.

Your attic is like a giant oven and a whole house fan is simply the best and only way to cool it down!

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