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Here are some ways a whole house fan can save money on cooling bills.

• Quietcool Whole house fans circulate outdoor air through the house, which helps cool the interior without using energy-intensive air conditioners. They work by pulling cooler air inside from selected windows/bedrooms or a slider screen door and push the warm air out through your attic vents.

• They are most effective in the early morning and at night when outdoor temperatures are lower. Running a whole house fan at night can significantly cool down the house so the air conditioner does not have to work as hard during the day.

• Whole house fans can reduce the workload of air conditioners by as much as 30-50%, lowering energy costs. The savings can amount to hundreds of dollars per year depending on the size of the home and how often the fan is used.

• Whole house fans are a passive cooling method that requires little energy to operate, usually just a few watts to power the fan motor. In contrast, air conditioners use a lot of electricity to power compressors and circulate air.

• Whole house fans are an easy way to supplement air conditioning, especially for homes that only need occasional cooling. They cost much less than a typical air conditioner system.

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