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Cool Your Home Naturally!

Cooling Your Home Naturally with a Whole House Fans

If you live in a dry desert climate like we have here in Murrieta, CA and want to reduce your energy bills, a whole house fan can be a smart and effective solution. Whole house fans provide natural ventilation and cooling by drawing in cooler outdoor air and pushing it through your home while simultaneously cooling your attic space.

How Whole House Fans Work

Whole house fans are large ventilation fans that get installed in your attic. When activated, they draw air from outside and force it through you home. This outdoor air passes through your home, absorbing heat and cooling interior surfaces. The movement of air also creates a wind chill effect, making the home feel cooler.

Benefits of Whole House Fans

• Energy Savings - Whole house fans can reduce AC usage by up to 50%, lowering your cooling costs.

• Comfort - They provide a natural and comfortable alternative to air conditioning on cool nights.

• Ventilation - They help ventilate your home by exchanging indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

• Programmable Controls - Most fans come with timers for automatic operation.

• Quiet Operation - Quietcool fans are designed to operate quietly, even at high speeds.

Things to Consider

• Location - Fans work best when installed near the center of the house.

• Installation - You'll need to cut an opening in your ceiling and run electrical to power the fan.

• Maintenance - Minimal maintenance is required.

Whole house fans are a simple, cost-effective way to cool your home naturally. On mild nights when you don't need full air conditioning, a whole house fan can significantly lower your energy bills and keep you comfortable.

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