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Things are heating up!

Hot sunshine = hot attic which = hot houses. 

My attic is starting to heat up which means your home is going to be much hotter than normal unless you ventilate all the trapped hot air with a whole house fan. 

Whole house ventilation fans work by pulling all the cool air from outside in the evenings through a fan mounted in your ceiling via the attic space which right now is about 120 degrees! My Temecula home has a thermometer in the attic as you can see and it’s 120 in the attic and only 80 in the upstairs bedrooms. This 120 attic is like a very large oven that’s going to continue to heat my home all night if it’s stays closed up! 

Whole home and attic ventilation can be achieved with a properly sized whole house fan easily! 

Looks like a record heat wave is coming tomorrow! Which unfortunately means your AC will be running overtime. The beauty of a whole home exhaust fan is that it cools your entire home and the attic down at the same time and relieves your expensive AC from running all night. 

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