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Yet another Tirdent whole house fan installed in Escondido, Ca

This quiet cool trident 4.8 whole house was installed in Escondido, Ca. The 4.8 is the best all around fan and fits the most common homes and attics in our area. 

It’s a work horse that comes in two models:

The 4.8 Trident  model Covers up to 2220 SQ FT Hi: 555 Watts / Low: 417 Watts Energy Use Hi: 4428 CFM / Low: 3436 CFM Air Flow 8 Hr timer & Double 3-way switch

The 4.8 Stealth  model Covers up to 2140 SQ FTHi: 408 Watts / Med: 225 Watts / Low: 73.9 Watts Energy Use Hi:4280 CFM / Med:3500 CFM / Low:2361 CFM Air Flow 8 Hr timer & Double 3-way switch

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