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The Quiet Cool Story


The QuietCool story is the quintessential American success story, actually invented in a garage! One day, back in 1999, our founder and inventor — an electrical contractor by trade — was installing a traditional whole house fan into a customer’s home when the customer exclaimed, “I wish someone would invent a quiet whole house fan!” And just like every great American invention that begins in a garage, our founder tinkered and tweaked his prototype QuietCool fan until he had a workable, saleable product. The first QC-1500 came to market in 2003, and the rest is history. In March 2009, QC Manufacturing was awarded U.S. Patent #7497774 for the QuietCool whole house fan system and we’ve never looked back. Today, QuietCool is manufactured and assembled in our 50,000 square foot plant in beautiful Temecula, California.

Stealth Whole House Fans

WHAT IS QUIETCOOL WHOLE HOUSE FAN? QuietCool is the revolutionary whole house fan and ventilation product that has taken America by storm. QuietCool users across America experience significant savings when they turn their air conditioners OFF and turn their QuietCool

systems ON. Whole house fans are not new! They have been around since the 1950’s, and they do exactly what they claim to do; move a lot of air! So much air that we move up to 7 times more air than an HVAC system. Whole house fans were first used as an inexpensive way to ventilate a home, cool it down,

and save money. Instead of turning on the air conditioning unit - which uses a lot of electricity, which costs a lot of money - whole house fans were

Trident Whole House Fans

designed as an alternative to A/C. The problem was that the traditional, old fashioned whole house fan sounded like a helicopter in the attic and, as a result, people would turn it on for just a few minutes at a time. And whole house fans need to run for long periods of time in order to do their job properly. We’ll talk more about that in a moment, but understand this; no matter how well old fashioned whole house fans worked, nobody liked them because they were so loud! Then, along came QuietCool! We simply re-invented the mousetrap... made it better, quieter, and more energy efficient! QuietCool is the patented whole house fan and ventilation system that is whisper-quiet compared to the traditional, old fashioned system. And because it’s quiet, people will let it run for hours and hours at a time, allowing the system to do its work!



What do many people do when they come home after work and it’s really hot inside their home? Instead of turning on their A/C, many people open up their windows and allow a nice cross breeze to enter their home, which not only feels good, but also cools the home down. The “passive” cross breeze described above becomes an “active” breeze for QuietCool homeowners, and this is the key to thermal mass cooling. Passive breezes within a home will eventually cool the ambient air to a comfortable level, but will not move enough air to cool the mass within the home. When correctly sized for any size home, a QuietCool system will fully exchange the entire air volume of a home 15-22 times per hour, or about one full air exchange every 3 to 4 minutes The “active” breeze that is created by a QuietCool system is how QuietCool works. “Thermal mass cooling” results because the QuietCool system is removing stale hot air and replacing it with fresh

cool air; all this occurring at a high rate of speed and volume, 15-22 times per hour. Therefore, instead of recycling hot, stale ambient air through a closed-loop air conditioning system, the QuietCool system is exchanging hot, stale ambient air with fresh, cool outside air... and at a fraction of the cost of running an air conditioner. A “cool mass” home does not reheat as much or as quickly as a “hot mass” home. Within a day or two of installing a QuietCool system, homeowners are amazed when they come home after work. When it was 90 – 100 ++ degrees outside, they can now walk into a home that is... not 90 degrees, but maybe 74, 76 or 78 degrees. The reason is because the mass of the home has been cooled by the QuietCool system, and thus did not reheat as rapidly throughout the day as a typical home would. The initial reaction from new QuietCool owners is one of amazement and is the reason why so many QuietCool sales are made through referrals.



A centrally installed system is a single fan system that is installed in a central location in the home, as the name implies. A single fan system would typically be installed at the midpoint of a single

story home, or at the top of the stairs in a two- story home.

A single QuietCool system will nicely ventilate an entire home, but lacks the individual room control that a zoned system offers. This is what we call a “basic” system. For the earlier 2000 square foot home example, an STL or TRI PRO-6.5 is a perfect single-fan system that provides the “best” ventilation based on the 3:1 CFM:sq.ft. ratio. For the same example home, a “good” to “better” single-fan system could be a STL or TRI PRO-5.5 which provides just over 2.5:1 CFM:sq.ft. ratio. A multi-fan zoned system gives the homeowner maximum control over their ventilation and cooling needs. This is what we call an “advanced” or “superior”

system, depending on the line of fans chosen. All zoned fans can be turned on simultaneously when the entire home needs to be cooled, but a zoned system allows individual bedroom control, for example, and thus zoned systems need to be sized for the zones. When sizing a zoned system, the combined CFM of all zoned units needs to add up to the total CFM requirements. As you recall from our previous section “Selecting a System”, our sizing requirements are as follows: A “good” zoned system would comprise two or more fans whose total CFM = 4000 CFM or more. A “better” zoned system would comprise two or more fans whose total CFM = 5000 CFM or more. A “best” zoned system would comprise two or more fans whose total CFM = 6000 CFM or more.


From the beginning, the first models of QuietCool were built from an understanding of ventilation cooling and the benefits of traditional whole house fans. Throughout the years, we have spent countless hours in our Research & Development Center perfecting our product line and coming out with new innovations for dealers and homeowners alike. A huge innovation that we have developed over the past three years is in-house manufacturing. Since the end of 2013, we have spent a majority of our

R&D time and money to develop and perfect our in- house machines and processes to create a better

product and cut down our production time. We have the capability to produce a single fan every 30 seconds.

We are very proud of the strives we have made in moving American manufacturing another step forward. All of our partners can attest to the fact that QuietCool is leading the industry in positive innovations. These innovations are backed by US Patent #7497774. The QuietCool advanced whole house fan system is whisper quiet, ultra efficient, simple to install and carries an industry leading warranty of up to 15 years. Created by a professional electrician, the inventor of QuietCool had first hand understanding of people’s desire to save money off their A/C bill while maintaing comfort. QuietCool not only provides high volume, fresh-air-ventilation-cooling, but it is also built with integrity, diligence, & innovation in the USA.


SELECTING YOUR SYSTEM Size is very important to a QuietCool system. If a QuietCool system is not sized properly, the system will not work effectively. We use a general formula of either 2, 2.5, or 3 CFM, or “Cubic Feet per Minute”, per square foot of living space. 2 CFM would provide a good system, 2.5 CFM would provide a better system, and 3 CFM would provide the best system. To calculate how much CFM you need in your home, simply multiply the square footage by 2, 2.5, and 3. This will give you the amount of CFM needed for a Good, Better, or Best system, respectively. Example (Good System): 2000 sqft x 2 CFM = 4000 CFM needed. Example (Better System): 2000 sqft x 2.5 CFM = 5000 CFM needed. Example (Best System): 2000 sqft x 3 CFM = 6000 CFM needed. There are two other considerations that need to be taken into account when sizing a system:

Location: If located in a coastal region where the climate is cooler, a good system should work great. If located in a desert region where the climate is very hot during the day, but cooler during the night, a best system would make the most sense. Ceiling Height: If the ceilings in the home are taller than 8 feet, be sure to size the system a little bit larger to account for the increased air volume inside of the home. After determining the total amount of airflow needed in the system, it is time to select a system. We offer these three types of systems: Basic System: Central Cooling with a single QuietCool fan located centrally in the home. The fans can be from either the Trident Pro or Stealth Pro Line. Advanced System: Zoned Cooling with multiple QuietCool Trident Pro fans in the system. Superior System: Zoned Cooling with multiple QuietCool Stealth Pro fans in the system.

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