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You can’t run your ac as much...

You simply can’t run your AC as much once you have a whole house fan and experience the benefits. It’s kind of like driving an electrical vehicle that has a heads up display with fuel economy and energy savings. 

Whole house fans are the easiest way to save money on your cooling bills. The department of energy has recommended them as a way to save energy and money. 

I have personally eliminated my cooling bills for entire months with my whole house fan. I was able to wire a timer into my system and had it come on 2 hours before getting home from work and the fan would remove the stale hot air in my home before I even arrived. Imagine the cost of running my central ac all day vs a whole house fan for a few hours. 

I set up one Fallbrook home that didn’t have an attic space with a wall mounted whole house fan  and they were able to save close to $100 per month once they figured out the best way to use the fan and dial in which windows they open and close at certain times in the early morning and evening. 

We love to hear about home owners tweaking their whole house fan system until they fully understand the best protocol for cooling down their homes while saving energy. 

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Whole house fan installers has the most energy efficient fans in the Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, Menifee, Hemet and surrounding areas.  

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