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Your pets might be to blame...

Sneezing? Runny nose? Itchy eyes? Shortness of breath? It might be your four legged fury friends fault. Bummer. But there is help! 

Sadly pet dander is known to be an indoor containment and allergen. Many homeowners have no idea that indoor air quality is often much lower than outdoor air quality. 

The EPA has published a complete booklet on the subject you can read here.

Once your indoor air is polluted by pets, chemicals and cooking oil residues it’s nearly impossible to remove them from your home. A whole house fan works in a similar way as your kitchen exhaust fan does. Whole house fans can remove all sorts of particulates, smoke and airborne containment’s in minutes with the flip of a switch!  

With a whole house fan you can remove harmful off gasing from new products, pet dander, smoke (from a burnt casserole), dust, allergens and of course hot stale air without effort. Merely opening some windows and doors would be similar as opening a window across the room from your stove while frying food! The mechanical advantage of a whole house fan is comparable to a wind tunnel and the actual air in your home will get exchanged dozens of times over in minutes as where opening some windows won’t exchange the air inside your home even once no matter how long you leave it open. 

Each whole house fan has different CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air flow which we expertly size to each homes individual size, shape and dynamics. Call in today for a free no obligation quote! 

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