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Top 3 reasons to buy a whole house fan .

Still on the fence about whole house fans?

Here are the top three reasons most people purchase a whole house fan .

  1. Money. Dollars. Green backs. Bacon. Benjamin’s. You get the idea. A wise home owner can save a lot of the green stuff on cooling bills with a whole house fan.

  2. Ventilation. You can ventilate your entire home and attic in just minutes. Hot air, bad odors and smoke, gone with the flip of a switch.

  3. Go green. You can educe your power needs and save a bunch of energy. Whole house fans are incredibly efficient and only cost pennies to run compared to central HVAC systems.

Whole house fans save money, energy and have great utility for savy home owners. Whole house fan installers has been installing quiet cool fans since the first prototype fan was invented.

We continue to offer the best pricing and service in Temecula, Murrieta and surrounding areas.

Give us a call today so we can earn your business!

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