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Why would I buy a whole house fan if I have solar?

Why would I buy a whole house fan if I already have solar?

That is a great question!

Sometimes while I'm talking with a homeowner about a whole house fan and the many benefits of installing one for their home the issue of solar comes up.

One of the many reasons to get a whole house fan installed is to save money on your electric bill.

They think, "why would I bother" I don't have to worry about my power usage due to my solar system.

I'd like to give some reasons why installing a whole house fan in companion with a solar system is still a great idea:

  1. Here in Southern California our typical desert climate with its large daily temperature differential and lots of sunshine is the perfect scenario for solar and a whole house fan. You can save even more energy and sell that energy back to the energy companies for credit.

  2. Your A/C bill makes up 60-80% of your summer utility costs. You can save up to 90% of the usage with a whole house fan.

  3. You can cut back on the size of your solar system which can save thousands.

  4. Your HVAC system could use a rest. A whole house fan means less wear and tear on your expansive HVAC system.

  5. Conserve more energy. If you have decided to utilize the suns energy why not utilize the incredibly energy efficiency of a whole house fan as well?

  6. A Whole House Fan ventilates your entire home of stale, dirty air, pet dander, and other indoor contamination with the flip of a switch. It also Cools your attic at the same time as a bonus! Your hvac system merely recycles the same air over and over again.

  7. Whole house fans use such little power that your solar system won't even notice the power needed to run one.

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