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QuietCool Installation In Temecula, CA

This monster of a fan is the Stealth 7.0, a three-speed that saves you a little more in energy cost than the Trident fan. We hardwired this guy, as you can see below

We typically do not hardwire switches as a perfectly viable, wireless option is available to pair with your fan. This is an easier, cheaper solution for our clients. All you have to do is pair it, then mount it next to your thermostat if desired.

Installing the Stealth 7.0 motor head & duct is always a challenge due to it's size. 24" motorhead with a 9 foot duct has to squeeze through the access and into the 150° F attic sauna.

Here are some items you will get in the box of your QC fan.

  • QC STL PRO-7.0X Motorhead

  • Ceiling Grille -Cut-out Template

  • Window Locks

  • Damper Box

  • 9 Foot Duct

  • Accessory Bag

  • Controls

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