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QuietCool DIY

Before you begin installing your QuietCool Whole House Fan, make sure you have the following on hand.

  1. QuietCool Motorhead

  2. Duct

  3. Damper Box

  4. Grille & Template

  5. Screws

  6. Nylon Strap

  7. Window Locks


Decide where you're going to have your fan. Make sure it's in a central location of your home. It could be above a stairway or in a hallway.

If your fan is for a bedroom, make sure it's above the bedroom door or in the master bathroom.


Make sure you spin the fan blades to ensure its integrity.

Make sure you have at least 30" of clearance height in attic. You should check to make sure there are no obstructions that would get in the way of the fan.

Remember to remove any insulation around where your ceiling cutout will be.


Using your awl, make 4 reference holes in the drywall, around the template.

Go downstairs and with the same template. Scribe around the template to make your square line. Cut out that line with a drywall saw.

If the fan is too big to lug into the attic, remove the duct from the motorhead.

Pass the motorhead and duct through the drywall ceiling cutout.


Your damperbox is designed to fit both 16" and 24" on center joists. If your attic rafters are 16" on center, remove the damperbox flange pieces and it will fit.

Attach the damperbox on 1 or more sides of the joists.


Next, install your ceiling grille. With the included white philip screws, screw the grille into the damperbox to hold it in place.


Install the hanger strap eyelet holes, onto a joist that will point the motorhead up to prevent blowing any insulation around.

Wrap the nylon strap around the duct to create a 90゚angle that will both prevent noise and help with airflow.

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