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QC - Why Is It Worth It?

Quiet Cool Whole House Fans Cool & Save Energy in your Temecula Home

Quiet Cool Fans can cut your AC cost 70%- 90% – Whole house fans draw cool air in through open windows, lowering room temperature by as much as 10 - 20 degrees. Open windows serve as intake vents, which allows you to control the air flow. Moving air, blowing through the whole house cools the occupant up to 10 degrees F.

The cool air passes through the living space and forces the hot air out of the attic vents, which can lower the attic air temperature in Temecula homes by as much as 40 degrees F!

The Quiet Cool Whole House Fan has a built in damper system to seal the fan opening to the attic during cooler months. Every Quiet Cool Fan comes with a 15 - year warranty from QC Manufacturing Inc. and is 100% made in the USA. Additionally, the Quiet Cool whole house fan systems provide many LEED points through the USGBC, the leading authority in Green Building. There are no belts or motorized doors to wear out. The QuietCool motors have lifetime lubrication and are maintenance free!

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