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The best way to cool your home.

Is there a way to cool your home naturally? Is there a way to cool your home without your AC? Is there a more cost effective way to cool your home? Yes, yes and yes. Meet the whole house fan. An extremely economical solution to cooling your home efficiently and with the natural rhythm and cooling effect that each sunset brings. Southern California has major temperature swings every single night even during the hottest portions of the year. Once the sun sets you have all the natural cool air you will need to cool down your home. The only problem is getting it into your house. A quality whole house fan can utilize all the cool air from outside your home by drawing it through your home and into your living and sleeping spaces. How can you cool down your bedroom every night without running your AC? With the flick of a switch. Whole house fans are called a breeze on a switch. Have you ever walked outside on a hot summer evening and wished you could open up all of your walls and your roof to the cool outside air? You can with a quiet cool whole house fan and with no bugs! All the heat that gets trapped inside your home can easily be removed by a whole house fan in minutes. Your AC only cools the same stale air that’s inside your home and it leaves the attic sweltering. A whole house fan not only cools your entire home down but it also cools your attic down at the same time.

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