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Whole house fan testing.

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Here at WHFI (Whole House Fan Installers) we like answering questions, doing research and figuring out the best ways to use whole house fans. 

One of the things I have been researching is attic temperatures. I want to know just how hot my attic gets here in Temecula thourhought the year especially in the summer and how quickly my Quietcool whole house fan can cool my home down.

The other day my house was around 80 inside when I got home and the attic was 105 as you can see from the digital thermometer. The interesting thing was that it was only in the mid 70’s outside that day! 

It takes all day for the sun to heat up your attic to these temperatures and it doesn’t simply cool down as soon as the sun goes down unfortunately. The heat is trapped inside your attic and all it’s various parts; insulation, 2x4’s, HVAC ducting, drywall etc. and that heat bleeds into your bedrooms all evening as you try to get to sleep and be comfortable. It creates a constant battle between your attic and your central air.

Just how much does a Quietcool whole house fan cool down your home? 

I have found that my home is just like most Temecula homes at around 2500 square feet with a traditional attic, gable vents and bird holes under the eaves. It’s a two story home as most are in Temecula where the upstairs bedrooms collect heat from the attic. Without my whole house fan it will stay 80-100 degrees upstairs until 8-9pm at night! Not cool.

With my whole house fan however I can get instant relief by creating a nice cool breeze throughout the entire house or in selected rooms. Today I left the AC off all day. It was only about 75 outside during mid day for the high temperature and when I came in at 7pm it was 80.6 degrees in my house and 97.1 degrees in my attic with an outside temperature of about 74. After running my Quiet Cool Whole House fan for about an hour my upstairs spare bedroom was 77.7 degrees and the attic was down to 80.6! 

This is the true power of Quietcool whole house fans and why they are so popular in Temecula. I’m still running my whole house fan (close to 9pm) instead of my AC and the downstairs is cool and upstairs is totally comfortable for pennies on the dollar.

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