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Our spring sale is winding down...

Our spring sale is winding down which means prices will be going back up to normal once summer starts. June 21st is the official first day of summer and that’s when our spring sale ends. 

Additionally, we are running a special promotion on the Trident 4.8 (can’t show pricing here) which is the absolute best price in town. Occasionally we target one fan for deep discounts for marketing, popularity and sales goals and this year it’s the 4.8 Trident.

The Trident Pro 4.8 X has some amazing specs:

Hi: 4428 CFM - 555 watts

Low: 3436 CFM - 417 watts

Rated for up to 2220 SQ. FT.

15 Year Warranty

This whole house fan is one of the most popular fans Quiet Cool makes due to its size, cost and ability to move a lot of air. 

It’s a powerful whole house fan for any home under 2220 square feet. You will feel a cool breeze run through your entire home with this fan installed. 

The trick to getting your whole house fan system to work optimally is to make sure you don’t open all the windows as that creates too many points of entry for outside air. It will still pull cool air though your home but it will be much slower and have less of a noticeable effect. In contrast you can isolate different rooms or areas of your home by closing some windows to a spare bedroom and create a much more powerful air movement. 

Keep in mind that your attic can hit 150 degrees easily on a hot summer day which your AC can do nothing about. You might think it doesn’t matter that your attic is 150 degrees but that heat radiates through your ceiling into your living spaces all night.. The whole house fan will also ventilate your attic and your live spaces at the same time which cools down your home in a way your central AC cannot. 

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