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Stop wasting money!

Save money with a whole house fan.

Was your AC running after 7pm last night?

Stop wasting money!

Slash AC cooling costs by up to 50-90%

If your running your AC into the evenings during the summer months you are spending a small fortune on cooling your home during hours when a whole house fan could do it for pennies on the dollar!

Even during our hottest months here in Temecula our average temperature changes by 20 degrees every evening.

How much energy does QuietCool use? Most people run their fans for 4-8 hours a day during the summer months. For a 500- watt fan, this would equate to about $.60 - $1.20 per day in California (energy rates at $.30 per kWh). This equates to about $18-$36 per month. QuietCool uses up-to 1/15 th of the amount of energy an A/C unit uses. QuietCool fans have one of the fastest ROIs of any green energy product on the market today.

Your A/C bill makes up 60-80% of your utility costs during the warmer months and if you can save up to 90% of the usage with a whole house fan, this will allow your customers with solar to be able to live a much more comfortable life style.


What are power companies saying about whole house fans?

“The Whole House Fan is the single most effective tool to reduce your energy bill.”

- Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)

“Whole house fans are the number one energy-saving device available”

- So Cal Edison

“Whole house cooling using a whole house fan can substitute for an air conditioner most of the year in most climates.” - U.S. Dept. of Energy

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