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Installing a Quietcool Whole House Fan in Temecula, Ca

Whole house fans are an effective and affordable way to cool your home naturally in the hot Temecula climate. Installing a QuietCool whole house fan can help lower your energy bills by reducing the need for air conditioning.

Here are the steps for installing a whole house fan in Temecula, CA:

1. Determine the best location for the fan. Ideally, you want the fan installed high, near the center of the house. This allows the air to circulate efficiently.

2. Make the opening in the ceiling drywall.

3. Install the fan housing and flashing. Secure the fan housing to the grill.

4. Run the electrical wiring to power the WHF. Connect power wires from a nearby junction box, FAU outlet or a fire alarm, following local electrical codes. Pair the fan with the wireless RF remote.

5. Start saving money this summer!

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