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May 25, 2019

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July 3, 2018

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The big mama jama 7.0

June 5, 2018





The 7.0 is new for 2018. It’s the biggest whole house fan Quiet Cool has ever made. It moves a lot of air and still does it with a whisper! 


Quiet Cools largest whole house fan comes in two models: 


The Trident 7.0 Pro X 

Covers up to 3500 SQ FT

Had two speeds. 
On Hi it uses 1147 Watts. On Low: 797 Watts.

On Hi it moves 7015 CFM or air and on Low: 5548 CFM. 

The Stealth 7.0 Pro X

Covers up to 3500 SQ FT

Has three speeds. 
On Hi it only uses 725 Watts / Med: 319 Watts / Low: 166 Watts. 
On Hi it moves 6996 CFM / Med:5448 CFM / Low:4308 CFM of Air Flow

Today we installed a Stealth 7.0 pro whole house fan in Temecula, Ca. 


In order to install a 7.0 you will need a large attic space and adequate venting.


The 7.0 needs 9.33 sqft of venting to allow the air to ventilate the attic space effectively.


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