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May 25, 2019

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FAQ on Whole house fans.

February 15, 2018




1. What is the difference between Trident and STL?
The Trident Pro and Stealth Pro are very similar. The main difference lies in the motor
technology. The Trident model uses a PSC motor, which offers standard energy
efficiency, while the Stealth model uses an ECM motor which is extremely energy
efficient. The difference between the two is similar to a hybrid vs non-hybrid vehicle; both
are very efficient with one being more efficient. The Stealth model will save the customer
more money in the long run. If the customer plans on living in the home more than five
years, then its a Stealth model. When running the fans on medium or low, the fan
operates extremely efficiently.

2. How much energy does QuietCool use? Cost per month?
Most people run their fans for 4-8 hours a day during the summer months. For a 500-
watt fan, this would equate to about $.60 - $1.20 per day in California (energy rates at
$.30 per kWh). This equates to about $18-$36 per month. QuietCool uses up-to 1/15 th of
the amount of energy an A/C unit uses. QuietCool fans have one of the fastest ROIs of
any green energy product on the market today.

3. How loud is QuietCool?
QuietCool is very quiet! Our loudest fan is rated at 51 decibels, which is about the same
as a dishwasher. An average A/C intake grille operates at 50-52 dB while our average
decibel rating across all fans is 45 db.

4. What happens if I don't have any windows open?
The system will not work properly because the air must come from somewhere. If the
system is running with no windows open, it can pull ashes rom the fireplace.

5. How much ventilation do I need?
We have a simple calculation to figure out how much venting you need for your system.
For every 750 CFM in the system, you will need 1 SQFT of net free vent area.
Example: A Trident Pro has approx. 4800 cfm; to figure out how much venting you will
need, you will need to divide 750/4800= 6.4 sq. ft.

6. What is the difference between the classic series and pro series?
The pro series line of fans come with all the bells and whistles, such as removable grille,
15 year warranty, switch and timer already included in the box. Also, the pro series fans
have more power and speed options. The classic series is an older model with less features. 


7. Can I run these fans all night long?
Yes, they’re running on pennies an hour and you will get the benefit of cooling down the
structure of your home, so you don’t have to run your AC nearly as much the next day.
We recommend running the system on high speed for a few hours and then kick it on
low speed and see how cool you can get your house by the next morning. The longer
you run the system the more effectively your house will be truly cooled

8. What kind of controls do you have?
We have a switch and timer that is included in every box. QC is proud to launch one of
the most innovative smart controls to ever hit the market. We now have a Wi-Fi smart
control app that you can control the fan off any smart phone or tablet. This will allow your
customers to be able to control the fan upstairs or down stairs and your customer can
literally control their fan anywhere in the house and even in their bed. You can also
control the speeds and timer as well. This will allow you to offer one of the first smart
appliances in each every customers home.


9. Do you have a remote?
No, because we have a Wi-Fi smart control app that is a lot more innovative and user
friendly. Most homeowners will lose a remote and being able to operate the fan on any
phone or tablet makes it so much easier to use your system.

10. Is there any maintenance on the system?
You only need to clean your grille. The grille may collect dust over time. Most people
want to clean their grille every few months. It is dishwasher safe or you can simply take it
outside and hose it off and simply snaps back into place without any screws.


11. Will the fans affect my insulation?
No, as long as the system is sized properly and is installed at a 90-degree bend angled
slightly upwards. We use this technique to prevent any blown-in insulation from moving
around. If you have a very small attic and your fans are very difficult to suspend slightly
above 90 degrees, you can always buy a few pieces of batt insulation to put over the
blown insulation.

12. Can I hook it up to a thermostat?
No, because you have to have the human element of opening up the windows.


13. Can you direct vent it to the outside?

We do not recommend venting directly to the outside because you want to pressurize
the attic and cool it down. One of the biggest features of a whole house fan is cooling
your attic air by up to 50 degrees.


14. How long does installation take?

Hard wiring a system can take up to 1-2 hours but with new Wi-Fi smart control you can
install the system under an hour almost every time. The Wi-Fi smart control eliminates
all wiring. No more dropping wire down the wall and spending extra time wiring up the
fan. The fan will come with a 20 ft. power cord making it plug-n- play.

15. Do you have to make holes in the wall? Do you repair them?

We will have to make a hole in the ceiling for the grille, but it will be covered and all you
will see is our grille. If a switch and timer is installed on the wall that will be a little cut out
for junction box.

In the event there are other drywall holes cut due to obstructions can patch, match texture and color match at an additional cost.


16. How big is the grille?
Depends on the size of the fan you get.
Our sizes are: 14 x 14, 14 x 18, 14 x 22, 14 x 30, 14 x 36
They’re all designed to fit 16” on center, the reason behind the engineering design is to
never have to cut any joist or frame any damper box in.

17. Where is the fan installed?
When installing only one fan, we recommend centrally locating the system located,
usually right above the staircase or in the hallway.
When installing a second fan for the master bedroom and doing a zoned system, we
recommend putting the fan in front of the bedroom door or in the master bathroom. The
key is positioning the fan at furthest spot from the windows, this will allow the air to be
pulled all the way across the room allowing you to take advantage the breeze coming
across your bed.

18. Will I feel attic air coming back into the house?
No, as long as you have enough venting for your system. If you stick to the formula of
sizing at 1/750 you will have no problems with air returning back down into your home.


19. When I heat the home in the winter, will the heat go into the attic?
Yes, the fan will bring the air into the attic and warm it up or if you run it to long it can
cool the entire attic by pushing out the warm air through your attic vents. I wouldn’t worry
about this happening because you will never want to run your heater at the same time as
your QuietCool.


20. How do I clean the grille?
If you have a removable grille the middle piece pops right off. On the Classic line of fans