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Customers on their new Quietcool

We love hearing from our customers once they get their Quietcool whole house fan installed!

We didn’t realize how much air the fan can move! It really is like a breeze on a switch! Our cooling bills are half of what they were last summer!
This thing rocks! It cools down our upstairs bedrooms easily and I cant believe how quiet it is.. We have been able to turn off our AC around 6-7pm everyday!
Best investment I have made in my home to date. It's quiet, very quiet. My electric bill is down about 30-35% over the past 3 months and home is cool. Even gets too cold at night sometimes..
After two years I have saved over $2000 on cooling costs. I will have a QuietCool in every home I own.
My neighbor told me he saved 40% on his electric bill and I couldn’t believe it until I got my WHF installed. We lowered our cooling costs by almost $100/month.
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