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Bedroom only cooling

Looking for a solution to cool down your bedroom at night without running your AC? If a large whole house fan is more than your looking for and your central AC is just too expensive there are single bedroom options available that will help you sleep at night during those hot summer months!

Some people don’t feel the need to cool down the entire house every night even during the hot summer months but they might be looking for a way to cool down just their bedroom so they can sleep at night. We offer a couple different models for this purpose. For small bedrooms that do not have an attached bathroom you can go with a 1.5 WHF or a 2.5 depending on the size of the bedroom.

The cheapest option would be a Trident 1.5 .

Tech Specs:

Name TRI PRO-1.5X

Airflow*1498 CFM

Energy Efficiency115 Watts

Grille16 x 16

Attic Venting2 Sq.ft net free area

Covers Up To***499 SQFT to 749 SQFT / Small Rooms

For the complete specs you can find them here:

The second option would be a Trident 2.5.

Tech Specs

  • Name


  • Airflow*

Hi: 2490 CFM / Low: 1934 CFM

  • HVI-916 Airflow (CA Title 24)**

1800 CFM

  • dBA

Hi: 42.7 / Low: 37.4

  • Energy Efficiency

Hi: 244 Watts / Low: 198 Watts

  • Grille

16 in. x 20 in.

  • Attic Venting

3.32 Sq.ft net free area

  • Covers Up To***

830 SQFT to 1245 SQFT / Large Rooms

For the complete specs you can find them here:

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