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Fontana 4.8 Whole house fan.

Whole House Fan Installers provides installation in the Fontana area. This 4.8 trident quiet cool whole house fan went in easily with the attic space and venting needed. 

The day starts with picking up the fan at our supplier in Temecula along with any other parts or materials we might need that are not in stock on the truck. Occasionally we will need to grab some extra romex (wire), wire nuts, U-nails etc. The fans come with the motor head, ducting, vent, grille, j-box and wall switch with timer and fan speed controls. 

When we arrive on site we evaluate the attic space, venting and figure out the best installation location for the whole house fan. Then it’s time to talk with the homeowner and show them where we propose the grill location in the ceiling and the wall control switch. It’s sometimes difficult to find a Layout that works with the hidden items such as roof framing, gas lines, electrical lines and HVAC system components. This is why it’s crucial to have an experienced whole house fan installer. Someone who knows how to lay things out so they look good from below and clear all of the potential issues in the attic.

Once the location is agreed upon we cut the holes for the grill and the fan then we run wire down to the switch location. Up in the attic we pull power from the nearest suitable supply source and wire everything up and do a test run on the fans functionality and wall controls. Once the whole house fan installation is complete we go over the controls and the functionality of the unit with the homeowner in person so that they know how to best use their new system to cool down their home and save money on their cooling bills.

The homeowner only sees the fans grill in the ceiling in the wall control switches.

The wall control switch has a few options for the homeowner to control the whole house fan.

The timer functions with the following options: 


One hour 

Two hour 

Four hour 

Eight hour 

The fan speed settings have the following options:



Meduim (depending on fan model)


The whole house fan grill seen at the ceiling is the intake for the fan and it ventilates out through the existing attic vents. 

It simply pops out for cleaning when necessary. Mild soap and water works best but a blast with the garden hose will typical do the trick to clean the grill. 

The grill on a whole house fan looks very similar to a return air grill on your FAU. 

Once we are all done, cleaned up and on to the next installation is when the home owner gets to tinker with the system and open different windows acompanied with various fan speeds to get the desired amount of air movement they like best. 

We are only a phone call away if you ever have any questions about Whole house fan installation, adjusting your existing system or upgrading. 

Whole House Fan Installers 


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